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Welcome to Civicwiki!

CW is a project that seeks to bring objective thought to civic issues. It is a reaction to the political process as it has evolved from our country's beginnings into what it has become today - a process filled with unsupported assertion, fact presented out of context, one-sided half truths, fabrication presented as fact, and rhetoric calculated to elicit an emotional reaction, all to serve political agendas. Too often the desire for political power trumps truth. Full disclosure is rare. We find this to be the case even on the part of some so-called fact checkers. Too many political candidates and media commentators profit by demonizing their opponents to the increasing alienation of our society. This is a non-partisan comment. Though we tend to think that the other side is worse than ours, both sides of every campaign I have witnessed have done this and it gets worse - not better.

CW would prefer political advocacy that places objective information above political agenda. Political advocates who distort fact or use one-sided half-truths either do not understand the truth or do not trust you with it. We are not being Pollyannaish in thinking that one web site will fix the problem. We just want to push back. CW has an agenda that we hope is acceptable to all - to establish an environment of anonymous civil discourse that helps CW readers become immune to misinformation. We want CW readers, armed with fact, to be able to see through the fog of political rhetoric. CW intends to pursue this agenda by making fact based discussion preeminent. Let's ground ourselves in reality. Let's first present and agree on the facts. We can then either agree or disagree on what they mean. In doing so, we will better understand those with whom we differ, and be better informed and more understanding voters and political activists. We have much to gain by such an endeavor.

It's a tall order that will require the participation of many. We need an ever expanding group of contributors who agree with our mission. Hopefully, that will include you. Please visit CW often and, when you have something to contribute, give us the benefit of your thoughts - either by starting a new article, or by editing an existing article. We have provided instructions and tutorials for doing so.

Please also read CW's mission

Civicwiki starts from simple premises:

  • Though it may, at times, be hard to find, the truth exists and does not contradict itself.
  • There is a set of inalienable rights that apply to us all. All of us should be equal in our enjoyment of these rights. And this set of rights should not be violated or abridged by any person or group.

A few rules for contributors and editors:

  • This site is for fact based analysis and discussion of civic issues and background information.
    • Articles must start from factual information supported by reference to verifiable and credible sources.
  • Be respectful and stick to issues.
    • This site is not for advocacy or attack of persons. Promotion of, or opposition to, an elected official or a candidate for elected office should be avoided and will likely be removed. (More on this in instructions for editing and submitting content.)
    • The same goes for political parties and commonly recognized political groups, labels, and categories such as 'liberal', 'conservative', 'progressive', and 'Tea Party'. Use of labels has the potential to defeat the CW mission and may be removed if not used objectively and respectfully.
  • Treat highly divisive social issues with sensitivity. A few issues are sufficiently emotional and divisive that they may generate more heat than light. While CW is not yet smart enough to say what should be off limits, time and experience will inform us. Hopefully, we will be able to approach any subject with respectful objectivity.
  • Register to be able to edit and contribute. It's easy.

None of us are Dr. Spock. . . . . There was a guy I knew in school who was the smartest person I could claim as friend. His life's goal was to become a psychiatrist, move to San Francisco, and help people deal with reality - which he did. We held in common a philosophy of life that we believed could be traced to fundamental factual premises and we discussed and debated it frequently - proud of our logic. One day he told me something that presented a bothersome challenge, but struck me as true - that, in spite of our devotion to logic, we could not free ourselves of our emotions and their influence. CW does not require that we do so. We only require that the contents of this site rely first on verifiable fact - and that we then seek the truth.

come and help us pursue this mission