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America's Constitution

Imagine a time before the airplane when a handful of inventors wanted to satisfy a desire to fly. They created flying machines using various approaches. Some were partially successful and some were failures with unpleasant, unintended results. Then, new concepts were grasped that resulted in the airplane -- the first truly successful flying machine.

Designing the Constitution of the United States was a somewhat similar endeavor. Americans wanted to live as a free people. That required a nation and form of government that could provide security, stability, and protection of their inalienable rights. America's constitution was not the first such foundation for a country's government. Earlier constitutions had some success. Indeed, England's constitution was the model of the day and it was the colonists desire to enjoy English rights to their fullest that ultimately lead to independence and union. But previous constitutions had unintended consequences that Americans wanted to avoid. The Constitution of the United States was designed with new political concepts which made it the most successful and most stable government foundation from its beginnings to this day.

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